How much is difficult to do it.

Hi myself, Tanuj kumar sharma, just want to express my thoughts because most of the time when you do it in front of people they just behave weird. I am working professional in IT industry and earns enough to bear my expenses. But when i saw poor people in nearby places, i feel bad( all other people say they feel like this too .. good ), i think that i should help them so i check my pocket for some change and try to give them those. This is easy for me when i am alone but when i am in public places then it becomes difficult because people react like that i am doing some kind of a thing that is not allowed and suggest me that i should not do that because if i will give them money, they say,these people become habitual of this and will not look for job or work. I ask them  one simple question if a normal graduate person not able get a job how come these illiterate old peoples, Children , are going earn for them. I saw people when they give fifty rupees tips to a waiter happily but when a poor child comes to them for some food and help then they behave like what you all knows. I wanted to say these peoples that it is just a matter of place where you have taken the birth, just think if you are in their place will you be able make same comment as you are doing right now. I want these people to think that when they saw some poor child then please think how much your child wasted and how much that poor child is really asking for.

When you become old and will be at their place then how you will be going to earn ? Is it really difficult to  curb your wastages a little and invest them good social cause? Is it really difficult to help old peoples by some money by minimizing your tips to waiters or at other places ?

I am not suggesting you to help poor by giving money to them but try to understand food is not the only need they are deprived of. There are lots of way to help them it all depends on you. If you can’t help them much then don’t behave weird when you saw them and someone trying to help them. This is the only life everybody got so help others and yourself to live it happily.

Bad English ..hmm 🙂